Speak Out 2/12/10

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thanks for help

I'D like to thank those who helped me when I got hung up at Trail of Tears State Park when I was watching the Polar Plunge. I especially want to thank the family that helped. Thank you all for helping.

Avoiding skids

I have driven over 1 million miles and know what works. If you're coming up to a stop sign or light and your car is starting to slide, put it into neutral so you don't have any torque on your drive wheels to cause it to go into a skid. That is the thing you're trying to avoid.

Figure it out

LET me get this straight. I'm almost 80 years old. I was told there would be no increase in Social Security. I was also told my utility bill would increase 15 to 18 percent. My cable has already increased by 10 percent. My taxes have been raised. I just received a notice that my supplemental insurance rate will increase. I just had my income taxes prepared. The stimulus money that I received was added to my income and then deducted from my refund. It looks like within a year I will be forced to sell my home to survive.

Random kindness

THERE are nice people in the world. I was at the Jackson McDonald's Sunday morning and I let a man go in front of me because the line was so long. He paid for my food when I got to the window. I was impressed. I thank the man, and I am refreshed that there are nice people doing random acts of kindness. I will pay it forward.

Teenage drinking

THE sad thing is that teenage drinking occurs in every town. It's in every school, small or large. It's an epidemic. It is going to take a village to help our teens in today's world. It's going to take all of us. Parents need to be parents, not their children' friends. There's a reason we have 21 as the legal drinking age. It's to prevent early alcoholism. We need law enforcement to step up. Teachers and coaches hear stuff going on. They need to notify parents. Parents, we're going to have to join together.

No casino

WE don't want a casino and the kind of riffraff it would bring.

Let owners decide

I used to smoke, but I quit because of health reasons. I believe it's unhealthy to smoke and unhealthy for those around you. But I also believe that an owner of a business has the right to serve whomever he wants. And if he wants to serve smokers, that's fine and dandy, I wish somebody would take this idea that the owners don't have rights to the Supreme Court, because taking away those rights is wrong.

Trash containers

YESTERDAY I was visiting in Bloomfield, Mo., and could not keep from noticing all the large trash cans in front yards. Is this the way Cape Girardeau is going to look when we get our new trash containers? I hope our city leaders have thought of what people are going to do with these large trash cans. It can give the community a junky look.

Road lighting

AT Center Junction it's almost impossible to see the street signs. We need more lighting in that area.

Fewer students

I need someone to explain to me why the Cape Girardeau School District is asking for a bond issue that includes adding 16 new classrooms all at Central High School when the high school over the last two years has lost over 100 students. Something doesn't seem right about that.

Best carrier

I have the best Southeast Missourian delivery person. His name is Jim, and I have never had a carrier like him. He goes above and beyond.

Game plan

FEB. 9 over 200 schools closed except for Cape Girardeau and Jackson because of weather. I told my son he was having school because of the Cape-Jackson basketball game that night. That's sad, isn't it?

Comic choice

I think it's time that the Southeast Missourian decided that "The Born Loser" is the comic strip that we need to take on for an everyday comic strip. It is the best of all the choices that we have been given.

Do something

PEOPLE are blaming President Obama for the high unemployment rate. When he took office, the unemployment rate was almost 9 percent. President Bush didn't do anything. People talk about Obama. I guess you have to do something so people will talk about you, which is why Bush never got recognition for doing anything.

Street repairs

I'M having some expensive repairs made on my car after hitting chugholes in the street. I have to pay to maintain streets, then I have to pay for the repairs on my car. What's wrong with this picture?

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