DRIvIN' RAIN sings to FNA/SONY and records a new track for up coming Whitesnake Tribute album.

Skully Shemwell and Michael Stewart of Drivin Rain at the AC Brase Arena

Local hard rock legends DRIvIN' RAIN announced on their websites that the band has signed a new 2010 record deal with Nashville based FNA RECORDS. The new label already has cd releases by the bands Tora Tora, Dirty Looks, Black N Blue, and HAWK. With several other major acts to be released very soon.

FNA will re-issue both DRIvIN' RAIN cds. The self titled 2004 hit, and the never released 2006 "Delightfully Evil" disc. Which contains the final records by Tommy DeWolf. Both disc will have new packaging along with bonus photos and live songs. The cds will be available both in stores along with Digital Downloads threw SONY RECORDS online.

DRIvIN RAIN is currently in the studio recording a cover of Whitesnake's "Cryin In The Rain" for a up coming WHITESNAKE TRIBUTE album to be released mid summer from FnA Records.

Singer Timexx Nasty says "Drums and Guitar tracks are done. Michael Stewart has some great leads. He really rocks out out of this song. I think he sounds better then the original. We do vocals and bass over the next week, then mix and send it in"

The as yet untitled Whitesnake Tribute will feature many nationally known bands and musicians. And shoudl be released by midsummer.

Read more at www.fnarecords.net and www.myspace.com/drivinrain