Valentine's Day Fundraiser

SADI's First Annual Valentine's Day Fundraiser was a success. SADI stopped taking orders for the candy bouquets on Friday, February 5, 2010 and was able to take over 220 orders. These candy bouquets were made available for a $15 donation and for an extra $1 more could be delivered in the Cape and Jackson areas. SADI Staff has worked around the clock to prepare these beautiful candy bouquets. The proceeds received from this fundraiser will be used in the Client Assistance Services Program to assist those in need to purchase assistive devices for individuals with disabilities who either cannot afford the device and or/it may not be covered by Medicaid/Medicare. Proceeds will also be used to provide rental, utility, and medication assistance. Due to this fundraiser being such a success in its first year, SADI will be doing this fundraiser in years to come. So, if you didn't get the opportunity to order a candy bouquet this year, be sure to get your order in next year!