A Happy Ending

On November 18, 2009, Leo Baumhardt, an In-Home Service Aide through SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence (SADI), lost his home to a fire. Along with losing his home, Leo, also lost his beloved pet Chihuahua, Cha-chi. After learning of Leo's loss, SADI Staff worked towards finding a new pet to help fill Leo's void. Through the efforts of SADI, Sonnie Fulkerson at Crown Nissan, and Jama Beussink and her sales team at AT&T money was raised and a new pet Chihuahua was purchased for Leo from the Humane Society of Cape Girardeau. Leo and his new pet, Guadalupe ("Lupe"), were united on February 5, 2010. Although Cha-chi could never be replaced, it is comforting to know that Lupe has found a home and Leo has found a friend.