Kelso C - 7 Annual Science Fair

Press Release

Kelso C -- 7 Elementary School

Kelso C -- 7 Elementary School in New Hamburg, Missouri held its annual Science Fair in the cafeteria on Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade participated. Students began their projects at home before Christmas and could work individually on their project or have a partner. Ribbons and trophies were awarded to the winners Tuesday evening. The Science Fair is sponsored by teachers Mrs. Sarah Schubert and Mrs. Debra Nenninger. First place Winners in 7th and 8th grade will be competing in the Southeast Missouri Regional Science Fair in March.

Conservation Trophy Winner: Kendal Kern "Erosion"

6th Grade Grand Champ Trophy Winner: Tie Kendal Kern "Erosion"and Sylvia Kern "Dirty Mouths"

6th Grade Student Choice Trophy Winner: Darrien Broden "How Well Do Different Materials Resist the Impact of a Bullet?"

6th Grade First Place Winners: Darrien Broden, Alexis Dock, Sylvia Kern, Kendall Kern

6th Grade Second Place Winners: Michael Backfisch, Allie Grojean, Nick Bickings, Tiffany Hovis

7th Grade Grand Champ Trophy Winner: Kristi Brucker "Clean Up Time"

7th Grade Student Choice Trophy Winner: Tessa Johnson "Will It Float?"

7th Grade 1st Place Winners: Kristi Brucker, Kylie Jackson, Anna Kern, Michaela kern

7th Grade 2nd Place Winners: Austin Glastetter, Eric Glastetter, Tessa Johnson, Thomsa kern, Jesse Ziegler

8th Grade Champ Trophy Winner: Donald Edwards "Franklin's Bells: Harnessing the Power of Static Electricity"

8th Grade Student Choice Trophy Winner: Nick Drury and Tim Westrich "Workaholic 2"

8th Grade 1st Place Winners: Nathan Kiefer, Daniel Mansker, Donald Edwards, Lyndsey Grojean, Jessica Westrich

8th Grade 2nd Place Winners: Nick Drury, Tim Westrich, Kylea Laxton, Caleb Niederkorn, Eryn Uhrhan