Speak Out 2/7/10

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Invest in teachers

I am an avid supporter of athletics and fine arts, but until the Cape Girardeau School District starts seriously investing in our teachers (raises and smaller classrooms for quality learning) I cannot support any bond issue.


THE general requirement for a 60-vote supermajority in the U.S. Senate in order to get anything done means our system of anti-democracy majority rules. This is awesome if you favor abolition and annihilation of the intent of the founding fathers to assure a lasting system of government.

School finances

A recent comment stated, "Voting against Cape Girardeau's school bond issue because of alleged shortcomings in school personnel is a pitiful commentary on the state of support for schools in our community." Unfortunately, though, that's about all our administration, even the current one, seems to listen to, which is our vote on financial issues.

Driving advice

I just read the comment about turning the key off if your accelerator is stuck. Don't do this while the car is in motion. All modern car steering wheels lock when the key is turned off. Turning the key off when the car is in motion could easily result in the car overturning or veering into oncoming traffic. The advice about putting the car in neutral to control a skid on ice is also bad. If you are skidding on ice, simply turn into the skid. Avoid hard braking or accelerating until you have regained control.

Terrorism prediction

EARLY on this administration mocked former vice president Dick Cheney for his stand on terrorism. Now one year later, this administration says that there is a 100 percent chance our country will be hit by terrorists in the very near future. I wonder if they have apologized to Cheney.

What 'fascist' means

WHAT kind of person throws around words like "fascist" without knowing the meaning? Mussolini invented the word, and the definition was "The mingling of corporations with government." That was the definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary until the 1980s when a large corporation (Rand) bought them out. The definition was changed and now doesn't mention corporations. The only example of fascism we've seen recently was the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to influence our elections.

No principals

I had the privilege to go to Tan-Tar-A with the Jackson jazz and percussion bands. They were fantastic. We couldn't have asked them to perform any better than they did. The only disappointing part of the whole trip was the fact that not one principal or vice principal from the high school or junior high school showed up for them. I would like to know why.

Smoking ban

I love the prospect that smoking may be banned in public places in Missouri. For those who claim they will not be able to go to a bar or restaurant and smoke, what's the big deal? Either give up your cigarettes for a few hours or get beer from the gas station and fix your own dinner. You can still smoke while drinking and dining, but do it in your own home where you won't be hurting anyone but yourself.

Strokes and driving

WHY does the state allow drivers who have a medical history that includes strokes to continue to drive? That includes a family member who is a dangerous driver who had his license pulled by a doctor. He went to six other doctors who agreed he should not drive. Then one doctor said he could drive safely. This doctor had never seen the patient before. This person had failed a driving test. I guess the courts will decide this one.

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