Speak Out 2/4/10

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super neighbor

I live on David Street in Cape Girardeau. I'd like to report what a wonderful neighbor we have. When it snows, he clears our driveway and makes room at the mailbox for us to get our mail. We have one super hero in our neighborhood. The most wonderful thing about all of this is that he does it all with a smile on his face. Thank you, neighbor. You're a super neighbor to us.

Double talk

YOU know what bugs me? The feds gave Missouri a bunch of money that state officials are using to balance the budget. Out of the other side of their mouths, they collectively condemn money provided by the federal government to help us get through this financial crisis because they know many voters don't like the idea of federal stimulus money.

Dream world

TWO recent comments -- lamenting the rising cable TV rates and a $5 pet tag fee increase in Jackson -- had me crying a river. These worriers must be living in a dream world where cable TV is mandatory and the pet police will come drag Precious away if you don't register your pet with the local pet control board.

More jobs

WHY hasn't Missouri a bill like the one in Oklahoma regarding immigration? House builders in Oklahoma complained that no American would work for what they pay illegal aliens. I went to Bentonville, Ark., to look for a job two years ago and didn't see very many North Americans working. Almost every construction company down there had illegal aliens on the payroll. Every place I checked said no help was needed. You can't imagine how many more jobs there would be if we didn't have another country stealing our jobs from us. We are all going to have to work for less if we are going to bring the country out of the situation it is in. Everything has to come down, even income tax.

Credit interest

JOE, I'm also a bill reader. Last month my credit card percentage from 9 percent to 24 percent. I had been with the company 22 years and always paid on time. I called them and told them they were loan sharks and I was going to talk to my congresswoman. I also called and threatened bankruptcy. Three days later they sent a letter reducing my interest rate. I'm still not happy with the company, and I am planning on closing that account and getting a card with someone else. I just thought this information may help somebody else.

Blocked street

I'D like to comment on the uptown Jackson street project. It looks good, but a delivery truck can block the street. There isn't room for vehicles to pass delivery trucks.

Snow angel

I live in Senior Gardens II in Jackson. I have to say a great big thank you to my neighbor's grandson, Kyle. He comes down here after the people hired to clear snow from our street and sidewalk have done a lousy job. Kyle comes on his own time and takes care of all of us old women. I want to thank you, Kyle, and say God bless.

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