North County Produce in Florissant Missouri

Sunday, January 31, 2010

North County Produce Co.

Florissant, Missouri

The purpose of north county produce co. is to provide people with the least access and most need the healthy fresh locally and organically grown food raised in a sustainable, manner that they deserve. In fact the company's slogan is peace, love, and produce.

It is their mission to provide low income people, whom have the greatest need and least access, with locally organically grown food, and raise awareness to support urban agriculture as a means of food security and economic opportunity for communities

Through sales at a farmers market and direct home sales to individuals North County Prouce Company raises capital to support charitable donations of produce to food pantries, battered women's shelters, and low income communities and to support projects such as; helping to set up community gardens, helping to set up farmers markets in urban areas, helping to promote local food production and bringing products to markets and producers.

North County produce will be launching it's home delivery service soon for orders of $15.00 or more, check thier site for updates on pricing, locations, and produce options!

North County Produce Co. raises crops on their own private farm in Florissant, Missouri as well as at Mueller Organic Farm in Ferguson, Missouri both farms as of now are declared organic not certified.

North County Produce at the Ferguson Farmer's Market Saturdays 8AM-12PM

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