The Five Mary Jansens in Leopold

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Front: L-R Mrs. Luke Jansen and Mrs. Walter Jansen Back: L-R Mrs. Arnold Jansen, Mrs. Ambrose Jansen, and Mrs. Ronald Jansen, and their Associate Pastor, Rev. William Hennecke of St. John Church in Leopold, MO.

"The Five Mary Jansens in Leopold"

by: Mary (Ronald) Jansen

The little town of Leopold, MO is known for several things, some of which are the large prominence of Catholic families, the beautiful St. John Catholic Church and shrine, the outstanding Leopold elementary and high school, and the girls and boys sports teams, just to mention a few.

Something unique that draws attention to this town is the number of women named Mary Jansen: Leopold has five Mary Jansens. This can definitely cause confusion in a lot of ways. If you would ask the post mistress if it causes confusion, she would probably say only when it doesn't have their correct address or their husband's name on the item of mail. When this does happen, she has to start asking the different Marys who it might belong to. It is always identified through a process of elimination.

When we are asked to serve on a committee at school or church, we are usually listed with our husbands' name in parenthesis. It does get confusing at times.

Mrs. Walter (Mary Hinkebein) Jansen was the "first" of these five. Then came Mrs. Luke (Mary Steinnerd) Jansen, Mrs. Ronald (Mary Holzum) Jansen, Mrs. Arnold (Mary Zerrusen) Jansen, and the last is Mrs. Ambrose (Mary Eeftink) Jansen. If you ask any of these if they would rather have a different name, I can assure you none of them would. At times it would be very convenient, but, it is a fun thing, too; and all are proud of their name.

Of course, we all know of more Mary Jansens in different towns. Just to mention two in particular are Sr. Mary Jane Jansen who was raised in Leopold and now resides in Oran, MO, and Mrs. Mary (Ronald) Jansen has a granddaughter named Mary del Rosario Jansen who lives in Brandon, MS. As unique as these ladies five Mary Jansens are, they only compliment the wonderful people and families who call Leopold their home.

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