My pro-life story

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday night I was awake and bothered by what I had heard on television: that our president had made a comment about abortion that, to my mind, implied he supported the taking of life, even at birth. What I gathered from this talk is that he supports abortion for any reason.

In the 1970s, we were very much involved in the pro-life movement. We had a doctor open a clinic in Cape Girardeau who practiced the "art" of abortion.

I remember a meeting at the Newman Center of many people who wanted the practice stopped. But the question was: How?

A senior medical doctor was at the meeting who was very much a pro-life doctor, as were many other doctors at the time. But this doctor was the only one who publicly opposed the practice of abortion.

The question was: How do we stop this clinic? I was chosen to be the leader, with the promise from all who were at this meeting to be involved in this movement to eliminate this blight in our community.

We organized marches in front of the clinic. We talked to patients who went to the clinic, offering any help they might need. We were able to help a number of young women.

Some of our volunteers would go into the clinic to try to persuade the young women not to have an abortion. Some of the volunteers were arrested and taken to the city jail. They would call me, and I would bail them out. This happened several times. The police were nice and helpful, but they still had to make arrests for trespassing when the clinic called. When they were bailed out, the women were advised they would be called to appear in municipal court, but they were never called.

I have met mothers who had abortions when they were young. The "lost child" is always on their minds as they look at their other children.

I have heard women give talks on abortion. As they told their stories they said there is never any reason, good or bad, to abort a child. There is always someone who wants to love a baby, whether it's their own or someone else's baby.

The human animal will abort and destroy. The souls of the aborted children will always invade the mind of the practitioner and women in their lifetimes.

Thomas L. Meyer is a Cape Girardeau businessman.

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