Speak Out 1/28/10

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Animal hardship

I hope the Jackson Board of Aldermen will reconsider the proposed increase of $5 for dog and cat permits. The economy in a recession. It's a hardship on people with animals.

No on bond issue

I will vote no on the school bond issue because of the graduation rate at Central High School, the resource officer who naps in the police cruiser, the counselors and teachers who do not respond to phone calls or e-mails and the teachers who read magazines or play on the computer in class. I am a proud parent of an honor-roll student who studies at home more than at school because of this.

Run out the clock

PRESIDENT Obama kicked off his road to socialism with a $780 billion stimulus package that helped save or create jobs for federal and state bureaucrats while imposing massive job losses on the private sector. Taxpayers got stuck with the tab and 10 percent unemployment. The year ended with secret, closed-door meetings among Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California, Senate Majority Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, and Obama administration aides on the strategy to cram an unpopular Obamacare bill down the throats of an unimpressed American public. As in football, conservatives need to find a good defensive coordinator. We should deploy the filibuster, fight ideas that would chip away at capitalism and run out the clock on this session of Congress, giving American voters an opportunity to send a strong message this fall that they're angry with the direction of this country.

Archive spending

THE Bollinger County commissioners had five volunteers who ran the Bollinger County archives and got paid nothing. But the commissioners have chosen to give a University of Missouri Extension worker $1,000 a year to do the work that the volunteers had been doing for nothing. It sounds to me like Bollinger County has got plenty of money.

Show appreciation

I was saddened to hear about the illness of the Cape Girardeau County deputy sheriff. This individual is a good person. People need to remember this deputy in their prayers. We also need to appreciate what Cape Girardeau police and Missouri troopers and the sheriff's office do for us and thank them if we see them on the street. We also need to appreciate Morley Swingle, our prosecuting attorney. That's a hard job to hold, and he's a good man and attorney. Keep this sick officer in our prayers and appreciate our police departments and our prosecutors.

Get tough

PRESIDENT Obama, I am ashamed of you. You let the GOP push you around all year long, and what have you got? Nothing. You might as well pack your bags. If you can't handle Mitch McConnell, you don't need to be president. You need to get tough.

Big bill increase

I just got my cable-TV bill. The rates were increased 25 percent. That's a big jump, even if we had a booming economy. In these depressing times of high unemployment, that's kicking the dog when he's down.

'Born Loser'

IN your trial comics, the "Born Loser" is the best one you've had. Just stop making it a trial and keep it there.

Corporate support

Let's get these terms right. Tax assistance for corporations is not corporate welfare. Welfare is tax assistance for the poor. True enough, there is no difference, but a euphemism is necessary when referring to tax help for corporations, because welfare would sound too degrading.

Which ward?

THANKS for the map showing Ward 2 in Cape Girardeau, the only ward with a primary election. How many residents even know which ward they're in? Is it time to scrap the wards?

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