Hinton wins title in third annual Central Middle School tourney

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Adam Hinton rallied to defeat Prithvi Rudrappa in the Central Middle School's third annual Chess Tournament this year.

The event was coordinated by librarian Vickie Howard and fifth-grade teacher Mary Ellen Malone. Local chessmaster Jonathan Budil, who has been assisted by Cape Girardeau Chess Club members Dave Koehler and Chuck Barnhart in providing weekly lessons for the students, was the tournament director.

The school's club had 64 members this year.

Hinton, a sixth-grader, had dominated the opening of the championship match only to find himself on the short end in pieces. But Rudrappa had left his king in a vulnerable position, and Hinton went on the attack, putting Rudrappa's king on the run before finally forcing checkmate.

This year's tournament featured a greater presence from the girls in the club. Kelsey Martin and Alyssa Gutwein were the top two players in the fifth-grade intermediate section.

Martin nearly toppled Rudrappa in the fifth-grade championship, wiping out all of his pieces except the king. But Rudrappa was left with no legal moves without being in check, so the match was a draw.

Rudrappa then won the rematch to earn the spot in the overall final.

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