Jackson Resident Larry Bill Continues Independent Campaign for Congress

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Veteran, businessman, local volunteer, Larry Bill is working to get signatures to run for Congress.

Jackson, MO (January 20, 2010)- A local citizen worried about the future of our nation stops talking and starts walking.

Last fall, Jackson resident and Air Force veteran Larry Bill, known to most as "Mr. Bill", began a conservative, independent grassroots run for U.S. Congress to represent the 8th District. Larry took the more difficult route to get on the ballot, independent, so he could avoid the ties that come with party affiliation and obligation.

Over the last several months, Larry Bill has quietly visited with citizens throughout the 8th District about their concerns. At every opportunity, he asked them to sign the petition to get him on the ballot. To date, with the help of several volunteers, the campagn has nearly 3,000 of the 5,667 signatures necessary to get on the ballot.

Mr. Bill wants this nation to get back to following the Constitution, reduce unnecessary spending, achieve energy independence, stop illegal immigration, and fully protect first and second amendment rights.

To get a more detailed perspective on Mr. Bill's solutions, as well as news on others competing for the opportunity, visit the website http://larrybill.com/

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