Speak Out 1/21/10

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Save Franklin

I would like to express disapproval of the proposed demolition of Franklin Elementary School. The federal-style building was built in 1926. Its classic design is in keeping with the architecture of nearby homes. It is doubtful that a new school would have the intrinsic worth and architectural appeal that is displayed in the one we already have. Regrettably, our city has already lost many of its vintage homes and buildings. Adding one more to the list would be tragic. Perhaps it is time to look at Franklin with a fresh set of eyes. The choice will depend, as always, on the passion of the community for saving a historic structure. Franklin merits being saved from the wrecking ball.

No free money

WHEN I read the "Free money" comment, I thought I would scream. It's congratulating the mayor for accepting the free federal tax money for the sign project. There is no such thing as free tax money.

Let's go to work

THE health care issue will soon be settled, and Americans will win. Next on the country's agenda, we should concentrate on domestic energy policy and national infrastructure. Plain and simple, the best energy policy would include all renewable clean energy supplies: wind, solar, kinetic energy from hydro resources, fuel cells and other nonpolluting sources. Think tanks need to be formed and brainstorming begun. I say we bite the bullet now and start to rebuild the infrastructure. The working man needs work and the dignity it gives him. We owe it to him to give him the job. Let's roll up our sleeves and fix what is necessary: clean drinking water for all communities, an electric grid with the capacity for future loads and safe roads and bridges.

Front-door delivery

I'M an elderly subscriber living in the Hillcrest Subdivision. For the past several weeks my paper has been thrown by my front door. I appreciate that so much and would like to thank the person who does it. Your thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed.

Little to offer

HOW can we thank Mayor Jay Knudtson or any of our city officials for hiring someone to tell us where to place signs in a city that has little to offer? When you drive down Broadway and Main Street, it's pathetic. Stores are closed. Buildings are falling down. Not one place to buy a dress and only one shoe shop on Main Street. It is pathetic. Why would we want to call attention to this area of Cape Girardeau?

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