Speak Out 4/12/05

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Learn not to litter

I THINK it's a good thing for prisoners to pick up trash. Better yet, we should take care of our own trash. Teach your children not to litter. Give them a litter bag, not a cell phone or boom box.

Ready for ethanol

TIME AND time again I have heard the petroleum industry whine about the concerns they have if we produce more ethanol. It could have a big impact on the oil companies' pocketbooks. It may cost a huge sum for research and production of additional ethanol, but what do we have to lose. I would much rather help corn producers in America than a bunch of rich oil producers. Buying fuel with ethanol added might be a small start, but it is better than doing nothing. I plan to let my government officials know my feelings on this issue.

Repair mailboxes

IF YOUR mailbox lids are out of alignment, fix them. The postal service doesn't have to leave your mail if your box isn't in proper condition.

Cutback backlash

I SEE where the Republican-controlled Missouri Legislature got its wish by cutting Medicaid. This cut will severely hurt many low-income and needy families. The Republican Party has never cared for the little person and has done little for the working man. In 2006 the little man is going to vote against those who favored the cuts.

Slow down on drugs

I AM reluctant to contact Congress and urge legislators to put potential prescription drugs on what is called the fast track because of the recent withdrawal of Vioxx and now Bextra.

School division

I WAS saddened by the outcome of the Jackson School District bond vote. The town is becoming more and more divided against a great public school system. Teachers, keep doing the great job you are doing. We are lucky to have such a dedicated staff that will work for measly pay and put up with the disgruntled public. How very sad.

Bond issue still needed

ONE OF the great things about being an American is our right to vote. Some of us were able to use that right to vote for or against the bond issue in the Jackson School District. To those who voted no: At least you exercised your right to vote. However, some of you are holding grudges, and some of you just don't care. Here's my advice. If you don't like what happened to the former coach, don't go to basketball games. It's time to let it go. Mike Kiehne is moving on. You should too. To those who have the mentality that it was "good enough for me" while attending JHS, you can keep reliving the good old days with your buddies, but the rest of us would like to see our schools move into the 21st century. Most people want their children to have and do better than they did. The concerned citizens of Jackson will continue to fight for this bond issue until it passes. The problem is not going away.

Help with trash

I LIVE in Jackson. What does a person need to do to get trash picked up so the neighborhood doesn't look tacky? I've called the police. I've called the mayor. What can we do to keep the neighborhood looking decent?

Change driving habits

EVERYONE WHO talks about his gasoline prices can blame themselves, because they have not adjusted their driving habits. They still jack-rabbit start, throw on their brakes at a stop sign or red light and exceed the speed limit. If they would slow down and drive to conserve fuel, we wouldn't use nearly so much gas. This would cause the price of oil and the products we use to go down.

Sidewalk location

THE SIDEWALKS on Lexington Avenue are wonderful, but I don't understand the one from Cape Rock Drive east. There's nothing out there but fields. Couldn't the sidewalks have been placed in a better neighborhood?

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