NBA Allen critical of All-Star voting that has Iverson, McGrady among leaders

Monday, January 18, 2010

Unwanted by their teams, Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady are still adored by their fans.

The Memphis Grizzlies quickly parted ways with Iverson. The Houston Rockets are trying to trade McGrady.

Maybe the players can swap stories of their rocky roads while covering each other at the All-Star game.

Despite having little to no impact this season, both went into the final hours of voting in position to start, thanks to loyal fans who still consider them stars even though their stats say otherwise.

And with fans showing signs of getting it so wrong, Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen thinks it's time to limit their influence. The nine-time All-Star said the fan voting has made the game "watered down" and calls for a change in the process.

"I like the fact that the fans get the opportunity to vote and pick who they'd like to see in the All-Star game, but I don't think it should be 100 percent," Allen said.

Allen said fans should have 50 percent of the vote, with the other 50 percent being divided evenly between the media and the players. He said players know who is playing the best, and believes with his idea, "you'd look at five guys starting the All-Star team regardless of hype or highlight."

The NBA likes things the way they are.

"We look at it as a great way to engage the fans," NBA spokesman Brian McIntyre said. "We think it's a good system."

-- The Associated Press

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