Letter to the Editor

Cape needs better PO location

Sunday, April 10, 2005

To the editor;

Five years ago the 21st century dawned. But it looks like Cape Girardeau, a community which is rapidly growing, is about to be saddled with a post office in a 20th century location.

Problems at the old location appeared to be a blessing in disguise. With our very own congresswoman jumping on the new- location bandwagon for us, optimism was rampant.

Now bureaucracy at the U.S. Postal Service raises its ugly head, and archaic concepts like reason and logic are thrown out the window.

What will it take for officials to see the need for a location more central to an urban community? The old Sears building will be vacant within the year, and a more ideal location for all Cape residents is hard to imagine.

Whether the Sears building might be a good choice is not the issue. Service is the issue. The public and commerce would be far better served by a location not all the way down by the river.

Cape is no longer a river town or a college town. It's an urban center expanding outward. We need a more outward bound location to serve the needs of the community.

The chamber of commerce, city council and citizenry must band together to make sure representative government represents its citizens and forces the bureaucrats to admit they were wrong to arbitrarily purchase a useless, obsolete building. Let's have a service location for a 21st century community.

DEAN MATTHEWS, Cape Girardeau