Out of the past 4/7/05

Thursday, April 7, 2005

25 years ago: April 7, 1980

A three-member board of commissioners appointed by the Cape Girardeau Circuit Court has recommended to the court that the city of Cape Girardeau pay more than $14,000 to two property owners on West Cape Rock Drive for damage to the property caused by grade changes along the city right of way.

Cape Girardeau Mayor Paul W. Stehr and Councilman Howard C. Tooke are reelected to serve another one-year-term as mayor and mayor pro-tem, respectively.

50 years ago: April 7, 1955

The Cape Girardeau Board of Education last night approved options secured on two tracts of land as possible future grade school sites; one is in the southwest part of town lying along Minnesota Street south of Bloomfield, and the other is in the northwest part of town, extending north from the end of Clark Avenue and running east in the direction of Perryville Road.

Adoption of the county library proposal at Tuesday's election in Cape Girardeau County is assured with reports from additional rural districts; the vote with three districts yet to be heard from was: For 823, against 601.

75 years ago: April 7, 1930

Mayor-elect Edward L. Drum announces that F.A. Kage, a justice of the peace, has been chosen to fill the job of city police judge; Kage will succeed Drum.

When Judge Charles B. Farris convenes the regular term of federal court next Monday, he will face a record docket; there are 146 cases on the docket for trial at this term; 44 of the cases involve alleged violations of federal laws, most of them being for infractions of the national prohibition act.

100 years ago: April 7, 1905

The remnants of a Colorado blizzard reached Cape Girardeau in the form of a light snow yesterday morning.

Harmon Loeffel reports the beginning of two new residences in Cape Girardeau; the new Rudy Huhn house at Morgan Oak and Lorimier streets has the foundation completed, as is also the stone work on the home of L.S. Joseph on Pacific Street.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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