Speak Out 4/7/05

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Post office action

A YEAR ago, the Cape Girardeau post office was abandoned and moved to a hole in the wall with the understanding that it would be temporary. A year later, nothing has been done. A city of the size and importance of Cape Girardeau deserves a better post office facility than the one currently on Christine Street. I ask U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson to cut through the red tape and get us a decent post office.

Teachers' raises

AS CAPE Girardeau school superintendent Mark Bowles said, teachers understand that an increase on the salary schedule is a raise. However, the general public doesn't but should. This often leads to a school district reporting that the teachers received no raise when, through implementation of the salary schedule, they did.

Why not both?

BEING A good academic institution and a party school are not mutually exclusive.

Keep track of money

WE HAVE an open-book policy in the church I attend. We can check the financial records and question at any time. If you go to a Bible-believing church and your church teaches the right thing, follow their teaching and the pastor or whatever you call your leader, but know where you money goes.

Something in return

I'VE HEARD several comments on state Rep. Rod Jetton's trip that was paid for by lobbyists. Even though it wasn't for government business, it doesn't make any difference when you let other people pay for you a vacation. They're definitely looking for something in return.

Noise pollution

I APPLAUD the city officials in Jackson, Cape Girardeau and Scott City for finally taking a stand on the growing litter that's been in our communities lately. Now if they would take control of another form of pollution: loud stereos and loud mufflers on cars.

Who's paying?

STATE REP. Rod Jetton might not think it's any of our business who's paying for his vacations, but I think taxpayers and voters should be very concerned. Don't you wonder who's buying his vote?

Send the message

THIS IS from an April 1 memo from the principal to the staff at Central High School, and it bears repeating: "I received the inevitable call from KZIM Radio on Monday: 'Given the school shootings in Minnesota, what are you doing at Central to assure this will not happen?' Frankly, we can build a new building with fewer entrances and exits, we can install 30-second delays on selected doors, we can keep other doors locked to the outside, we can install security cameras, we can fund school resource officers. However, nothing, absolutely nothing, will serve us as well as building and sustaining caring relationships with as many of our kids as possible that will encourage a greater number of our kids to let us know when those in need of intervention are considering hurting themselves or others."

Who's next?

ONCE YOU have eliminated the smokers, who will be your next group of victims?

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