Letter to the Editor

Workers' comp reforms were needed

Thursday, April 7, 2005

To the editor:

I commend Gov. Matt Blunt for signing into law reforms to Missouri's workers' compensation system. As a Missouri employer, I can tell you firsthand the system is broken. Senate Bill 1 takes important steps to bring balance back to the system.

While injury rates in my business have declined, we are seeing increases annually in costs. This impact to our bottom line keeps our organization from increasing benefits for our employees in other areas, such as wage increases and health benefits.

By securing commonsense reforms, our workers' compensation system can better achieve its intended purpose: providing protection for truly injured workers.

These reforms mean a great deal to my business and the employer community as a whole. Thank you to our legislators and Governor Blunt for finally making these much-needed reforms a reality.

GREGORY R. HANTAK, Vice President,

JS Logistics, St. Louis