Bollinger schools elect new board members

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- Several school board and city board races were decided Tuesday with all four school boards in the county receiving new members.

Jo Ann Shrum was the lone incumbent to be defeated for the Woodland School Board. She will be replaced by Joanna Marie Shetley. School boards in Leopold, Meadow Heights and Zalma also voted in new members. All of the city board races were uncontested.

In the Woodland School District, the three-year terms of Jo Ann Shrum, Barry Booth and Danny VanGennip expired. Booth and VanGennip were re-elected with 257 and 277 votes, respectively. Joanna Marie Shetley received 192 votes to take Shrum's spot on the board. Shrum received 177 votes. The other candidate was Dale Long.

In the Meadow Heights School District, the three-year terms of Scott Mayfield, Harold Mills and Mike Welker expired. Welker was the only incumbent to seek re-election, and he did so successfully by receiving 175 votes. Also elected among eight challengers were Danny Tallent with 211 votes and Bob Fulton with 207 votes. Other candidates included Charlie Doublin, D. Keith Cook, Donnia M. Mayfield, Dalton Denman, Carolyn Welker and Vickie D. Brown.

In the Leopold School District, the three-year terms of John D. Broshuis, Rick Bueter and Jeff Eftink expired. Bueter and Eftink re-filed and were re-elected with 106 votes and 90 votes, respectively. Keith Brotherton received 95 votes to gain the seat left vacant by Broshuis. Other candidates were Danny James, Bob Fluchel and Rod Davis.

In the Zalma School District, the three-year terms of Rick Garner, Connie White and Harold Lemons expired. Garner and Lemons re-filed and were re-elected with 112 and 94 votes, respectively. Patti Shelby was elected to the board with 117 votes. She will take the seat left vacant by Connie White. Other candidates included Aaron Lemons, Missy Stotts and Donald Sitz.

Marble Hill board

Marble Hill voters re-elected two unopposed incumbents from Ward 1 and Ward 2 to two-year terms. Current Ward 1 representative Marian Hutchings was re-elected, receiving 37 votes. Ward 2's David Conrad was also re-elected, receiving 49 votes.

In Zalma, five council members were up for re-election, and all ran uncontested for one-year terms. Re-elected were Dolores Jackson, Debra Thornburgh, Linda Pape, Mary VanGennip and Richard Thornburgh. Each candidate received 13 votes.

In Glenallen, two members of the board of trustees were up for re-election for two-year terms. The incumbents, Eldon Woodfin and Allen Clark, were re-elected. Woodfin received 10 votes and Clark received 12.

In Sedgewickville, two council members, Perry "Lynn" James and Nolan Crank, were re-elected as they ran uncontested. James received 23 votes while Crank received 20.

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