Gas prices down in Missouri in 2009

Friday, January 1, 2010 ~ Updated 12:42 PM

ST. LOUIS (AP) - Gas prices in Missouri slipped some in 2009 from the previous year even though they've climbed a bit in recent weeks.

AAA Missouri reported Thursday that the annual average price for self-service, regular gasoline in Missouri was $2.17 in 2009. That compares to $3.16 in 2008.

That translates to a $522 savings on 600 gallons, what the average motorist uses in a year.

Missouri's statewide average price finished the year Thursday at $2.46. The only state with a cheaper price was Wyoming at $2.44.

In 2008, Missouri finished the year with an average price of $1.40, more than a dollar a gallon below the current price.

The all-time high price for gas in Missouri was $3.95 a gallon, set on July 16, 2008.

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