Speak Out 12/29/09

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make too much

I applied for help with my electric bill because I had surgery and my husband took off work to help with children. I don't have Medicaid or food stamps and pay $100 a week for health insurance. I was told I don't qualify for assistance. We don't live off welfare. We pay for everything on our own. Help the people who are trying, not the ones who are looking for handouts.

Stop the greed

THE problem with health care in America is doctors' unjustified greed. The government-sponsored health care program cannot help us if we continue to allow such wickedness. The Bible says in Mark 8:36: "For what shall it profit a man (or woman) if you shall gain the whole world and lose your soul." Now with the newly passed health care bill doctors will work to bankrupt us as a society.

Not better

REFORM as defined by Webster's is "to make better." Most would agree that the current health care reform will not make anything better. It will only cost all of us more money and probably limit some of our options for care. If you really believe Congress can run anything well, you obviously aren't paying attention to the fiscal shape of Social Security, Medicare and the federal budget.

Surprise carolers

WE had a truly nice surprise as our yard was full of carolers singing Christmas songs from our church. It was truly a blessing and a surprise to have them come out on such a cold night and sing.

Stealing from us

SOCIAL Security was not intended to be welfare. Social Security was not for people who didn't work. Social Security was for everybody who worked and paid into it. We paid, and our employer paid. No one has any business taking from our Social Security. Presidents all the way back to Eisenhower have been stealing from Social Security. These presidents are going to stand before God almighty on Judgment Day.

Makeup ticket

SOMEONE said there's no law against putting makeup on while you're driving. I beg to differ. I know a woman who got a ticket for that. It was called careless and imprudent driving.

Economic recovery

REGARDING the economy: The Democrats are doing a bang-up job. They've got things going in the right direction. If people would just give them a chance, they will straighten this country out.

Kell Farm Road

WHY does Cape Girardeau allow trucks to park on Kell Farm Road near the postal center? If you're southbound on Kell Farm Road, you have to swerve over into the northbound lane to miss the trucks. It's an accident waiting to happen. Kell Farm Road probably carries 1,000 cars a day, and Richman Drive carries about 12. But for some reason the stop sign is on Kell Farm Road. Why?

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