Letter to the Editor

School memories of Christmas

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As another Christmas has come and gone, I can't help but remember how we as students at Juden Elementary School in Cape Girardeau County celebrated Christmas.

Every year we put on a Christmas play that was enjoyed by all, including parents, teachers, relatives and friends. It was a great experience learning all of the lines and presenting a message of Christmas spirit. Some years the theme was a more serious one reflecting the true meaning of Christmas. Other years it was more of a spoof theme. I remember one year we had Santa Claus in court. I played the part of the prosecuting attorney.

With teaching icons including Nell Holcomb and Verda Hines, we learned so much about the true meaning of life.

It is so sad when the words "Christmas" and "Jesus Christ" are not acceptable in many schools today.

How much farther can our country fall? I am thankful that Miss Holcomb, Miss Hines and others like them are not alive today to witness where our country has gone.

BILL PALMER, Bakersfield, Calif.