Speak Out 12/27/09

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Federal shopping

CONGRESS gives a whole new meaning to "Buy America." The Nebraska purchase is only the latest.

School sales

I am disappointed with the Central Middle School policy punishing students who do not participate in a school fundraiser. Students who did not sell cookie dough were not allowed to participate in a school assembly. These students had to go to the library, sit quietly or read a book. Our children are at school to learn academics, not to be salespeople for the school. I took this opportunity to teach my child that there are good choices and bad choices. This was a bad choice by school administrators.

Throwing money

A story about the global warming conference in Copenhagen said it is up to the United States to save the treaty by pledging to give more money to underdeveloped countries. We have been giving foreign aid to countries for years. If that was going to solve global warming, the problem would already be solved. We need to be careful to keep the planet clean, but giving away more money will not make it cool.

Change in debt

ON the day President Obama was inaugurated, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. The latest posting by Treasury shows the national debt at $12.135 trillion. It looks like we did more than just hope for some change. I think there may be some dollar bills in there as well.

Rush told me

Thought the Polar ice caps melt away

'til there is no ice and snow.

There is no such thing as climate change.

Rush has told me so.

Millions of Americans go uninsured

as their medical bills grow,

but there is no health care crisis.

Rush has told me so.

Ten percent are jobless

while the rich folks hog the dough.

To point that out is just class envy.

Rush has told me so.

Some Americans have no home

and no place to go.

But there really are no homeless.

Rush has told me so.

*** Time's pick

CONGRATULATIONS to Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke for being chosen Time magazine's Person of the Year. Bernanke saved us from a Bush-induced economic meltdown that may have made the Great Depression look like good times.

Spending solution

MICHAEL Jensen wrote, "If anyone believes you can spend your way out of debt, then concerned we should be." Our nation is not trying to spend its way out of debt. We are trying to spend our way out of a recession, a very sound and necessary approach that is obviously working. The debt and deficit will be addressed but cannot be until the recession is over. The only ones who believe the nonsense that we can spend our way out of debt are the thoroughly discredited supply-siders.

Spending bill

U.S. Sen. Kit Bond has included $8.5 million of other people's money for local projects in the new federal spending bill. When we hear of other senators' earmarks in legislation such as this, we call it pork and are outraged. Wonder what Bond would call this?

Church cooperation

IN response to the story "Churches in Cape Girardeau, Perry counties prepare for holiday tour today and Friday": Thank you so much for your prominent coverage of this event. Many of those whose visited Apple Creek Presbyterian Church did so because they saw your story. Sister churches in the area also steered visitors our way, since we were not on the map distributed this year. One of the many benefits of this tour is the ecumenical flavor and the camaraderie of Christians, which strengthens the communities. Thank you for your support.

Diminishing returns

THE majority of Americans want clean air and clean water, but how do you tell the difference between air that is 90 percent cleaner than it was 30 years ago and air that is 95 percent cleaner? And if we were billed (taxed) individually for each percent of "cleaner" air, how much would you be willing to pay? I believe we have reached the point of diminishing returns on clean air and water on a national level. Work can be done locally and should be done.

Special treat

I watched as a man paid for the meals of two silver-haired women in a Chinese restaurant. I thought it was marvelous. I'm sure they have no idea who it was, but I saw you and know who you are. I think you're marvelous.

Bad manager

WHAT kind of restaurant manager would hold a waitress responsible for a customer who didn't pay?

Speeding problem

THE new Mount Auburn Road is a nice road, but is the city going to do anything about the way people are speeding that road? You've got a work zone where people don't obey the speed limit. Can't the police use radar or do anything to slow people down on Mount Auburn Road?

Deer disposal

THE speeding on Greensferry Road in Jackson has gotten so bad that it's impossible to pull out of your driveway or walk across the road to get your mail. One of these speeders hit the only deer I've seen in this area for months. The deer was hurt and crawled into my yard and died. I've called various agencies, and no one will help me get rid of the deer. I'm at a loss.

Concert coverage

I cannot believe the Southeast Missourian did not run an article on one of the biggest and best concerts Cape Girardeau has had at the Show Me Center. There was no mention of the Gaither Gospel Homecoming. There were from 6,000 to 7,000 people there. It was a great concert. I'm sorry that you didn't take time to cover it.

Providing shelter

LARRY Rice does the state a great service by providing shelter to the homeless. These people are citizens whom the system has failed. I've been homeless at the New Evangelistic Center in St. Louis. On a Sunday morning there I heard a man playing a blues saxophone. His playing was great. I'm sure Rice will have programs to allow these people to enter into society again. I think those opposed to the homeless shelter in the old federal building are selfish and hard-hearted.

Mowing ordinance

ABOUT the ordinance that would require property owners to mow grass and weeds on the city's right-of-ways that abut private property: It's a job of the city should continue doing.

County policing

CONGRATULATIONS to the Perry County sheriff, Gary Schaaf, and deputies who arrested three suspects for vandalizing 32 mailboxes around Thanksgiving. We could use this kind of excellence in police work in the neighboring county to the south.

Keep Franklin

ANOTHER school is going to bite the dust: Franklin Elementary School. Let's keep the school where our parents were educated. Save it like we saved the Lorimier School and Schultz School. Let the voters decide. Who pays the taxes?

TV control

SOMEONE thinks children are able to find out how to make meth by watching soap operas on television. I've watched soap operas for years and never seen anything like that. My advice: Change channels or turn the TV off. You have control of what your children watch.

Eat less meat

I was pleased to see that colon cancer rates have reduced dramatically due to better screening and less consumption of red meat. Some of my family members raise cattle and pigs, and I have been exposed not only to the incredibly emotions of these wonderful creatures have, but the sad treatment they endure as they head for slaughter and the chemical agents they're drenched with or injected with in order to improve profits. Others in my family are farmers, and during this season of gratefulness I'm thankful for the abundant non-animal food supply we have. Vegetarians have lower cancer rates and longer life expectancies. Also, production of meats contributes significantly to greenhouse gases. I would ask -- for your health, for the environment and for these kind creatures that we mistreat -- that you consider eating fewer animals in 2010.

Great concert

IF you missed the beautiful bell concert at Grace United Methodist Church, you certainly missed one of the most beautiful concerts of Christmas music I've ever heard. I had no idea what a handbell concert was going to be, but after reading the article in the paper I decided to go. Am I ever glad I did. The violinist was awesome, and the whole evening was fantastic. Thank you, Grace Church.

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