Speak Out 4/1/05

Friday, April 1, 2005

Smoking issues

FOR THOSE who rant about being sick and tired of smoking-related issues: Smokers are sick and tired of the decades-old governmental war of discrimination against the legal activity of smoking. This war was begun, and was accelerated gradually and insidiously, in order to gain the public's acceptance of further taxation. The admission that the EPA report on second-hand smoke was false has been well-hidden and led the way to what we see today as people denigrate addicted smokers. As for passing no-smoking laws in restaurants, the most recent news is that these businesses have seen a large decrease in their profits. Restaurant owners should choose whether or not to allow smoking. Why should governments make this decision? Smokers avoid non-smoking restaurants. If an entire area has no smoking in their restaurants, smokers eat at home or buy take-out, thereby reducing profits on things like coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, desserts and tips. Non-smokers could avoid the ones that allow smoking. It is past time for the overtaxed smokers to make a stand against discrimination for the sake of justifying tax increases.

Drug-free zone

THERE HAVE been numerous complaints about drug activities near Jefferson Elementary School, but the police don't do anything about this. I thought we lived a drug-free school zone,

School rewards

SURE, THE parties and movies at Central Middle School are for academic achievement and good behavior. But how many parties and movies can you have in a week before it begins to bring achievement and behavior down? It's the same kids at the parties all the time, leading to the conclusion that these are the kids who would be doing what they do whether they got a party or not. Kids by this age should be realizing that the rewards will not always be forthcoming. Otherwise, the rewards will have to get bigger and bigger. What are you going to give them for good behavior and academics in high school? A new car?

Expect good behavior

MY DAUGHTER is one of the Central Middle School students who always attend the good behavior and reward parties and movies. I think it is ridiculous. She knows she better behave at school and do her best or she will be in trouble when she gets home. She has to behave. She has no choice in the matter. Parents need to support the school, but the school needs to focus on academics. That's why we send her to school. Maybe the teachers and administrators who send their kids to private school have the right idea.

Take time to bloom

AGAIN THE police are accused of harassment. Some people take pride in poverty or their color. I am an American. I have opportunities in front of me, and I pursue them by legal means. I don't look for shortcuts or excuses. All I ask is that others do the same. If anyone is being unjustly targeted, it will come out. Just don't sit there whining about the situation. Do something about it. The young and the elderly can't always prevent what has happened to them, but there is a larger group that chooses to do nothing. Bloom where you are planted or shrivel up and die. It's your choice.

Ready to move on

SLAVERY WAS a terrible thing, but if you check history you will find out that all races have had to endure slavery at one time or another. It is not just something that happened to blacks. While it is true that we should never forget past history, until we are ready to forgive and go on with our lives we will never have true peace. There will always be racism in one form or another, but racism is not just a white man's disease. It is common in all ethnic groups.

Great effort

I saw a group picking up litter on I-55. Thanks for the effort.

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