Letter to the Editor

Senators vote for open borders

Friday, April 1, 2005

To the editor:

Could our U.S. senators, Kit Bond and Jim Talent, be receiving guidance from an agenda to gradually do away with our national borders and allow unlimited immigration? If not, why did they vote for these very things?

How can America as we know it exist without borders? How can we remain secure and in control of our country if Congress does away with our borders? Why is Congress following the anti-American agenda being promoted by the World Trade Organization to removed our borders using so-called free trade as a cover? Why do the United Nations and WTO want to eliminate America's borders and American sovereignty?

Thankfully, U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson voted no on House Resolution 4759 to stop the WTO-sponsored free trade agreements that require the elimination of our borders. What explanation could Bond and Talent have for why our borders are no longer important and worth defending? How can these senators defend unrestricted immigration with the damage it would do to our economy and the obvious increased security risk? With the end of American independence, security and prosperity as the aim of the WTO, isn't it time for us to end our membership?

MICHAEL H. LIND, Thornfield, Mo.