Letter to the Editor

Jackson school issues addressed

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Randy Anderson's March 26 letter regarding the Jackson School District bond issue.

I graduated in 1980. Enrollment has increased nearly 400 students since then. The facilities have changed very little.

The last addition to the high school was the Math and Science Building completed in 1998. Since then, enrollment has grown from 993 to over 1,150 students.

The plan calls for students from the Primary Annex to move to Orchard Elementary where classrooms are available. As a result, it would not create larger classes.

It is not economical to renovate Building A. The building was evaluated by planners and architects. The walls cannot be moved because they are load-bearing. Rooms cannot be made larger. It would also be difficult to get the building to meet safety codes through renovation.

The band and music programs are valuable intra-curricular programs and are offered during the regular school day. The music facilities are extremely small and inadequate.

The locker room facilities are unacceptable regardless of the number of students who have to use them. The proposed plan would provide much needed parking space to increase safety and allow parking at large school events.

The high school renovation plan was developed over several years with input from teachers, students, parents, and community members. There is not a large sum of money stored in a capital fund planned for a special purpose.

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students. We need to provide them with a facility that will enhance and expand this tradition of excellence.