Letter to the Editor

Conflicting views on life and death

To the editor:

I have to respond to Emma Franklin's letter. I was taught to argue with facts. I've read the letter several times to see if a random fact might have made it into the letter. None appears forthcoming.

But here is a fact, and perhaps the zenith of hypocrisy: The left she is so enamored with will fight tooth and nail to protect the life of convicted killers on death rows across this country and fight for the right to have late-term abortions including the heinous partial-birth abortion but simply can't wait to dance on the grave of Terri Schiavo.

Often they will say, "We might kill an innocent person." What crime did Terri Schiavo commit? Just a thought from one of those hypocritical right-wingers.

BILL GREEN, San Bernardino, Calif.