Letter to the Editor

Slow mail and the job summit

I don't know which one gets me more upset, the Cape Girardeau Post Office or the Obama job summit.

On Black Friday there was one clerk in the post office lobby. Since there was inadequate staff to put the mail in the boxes, I returned to the post office on three occasions to get our company mail. The postal employee was always friendly and smiling and handling each customer in a helpful way. Where were the postmaster or other salaried employees? The mail is to be up by 9 a.m. On Dec. 4 I made my regular trip at 9:30 a.m. My postal drawer was completely empty, and the commercial mail delivery personnel were standing around with empty bags.

The Obama job summit was held Dec. 3. The National Federation Independent Business with 13,000 members, the National Association of Manufacturers with 14,000 members and the Chamber of Commerce representing business of all sizes in every town and city in the United States were not invited.

President Obama is inexperienced and surrounded by a Cabinet that has virtually no private-sector knowledge. Government employees, unions, not-for-profit organizations and others wanting more taxpayer money were well-represented. Government does not create real jobs. It only takes our money. Don't we all admire the efficiency of our federal government?

GLENN REEVES, Cape Girardeau