School facilities

Planning for upgrading and constructing facilities in the Cape Girardeau School District has taken months of effort. School officials have worked with teachers, students and parents to determine what's needed the most. The latest compilation lists projects that would cost an estimated $40 million.

Paying for the improvements would require voters to approve the extension of a levy being used to pay off bonds for previous school projects. District officials say that, because a good portion of the projects are for maintenance, extending the levy also would free up funds for operational needs.

The school board now must make a final decision on what to include in the project list and whether to place the levy extension on the ballot, probably next April. As with all major spending plans, voters need to be fully informed about the proposal. They would have opportunities to hear presentations and ask questions before voting. And they need to let the school board and administration know what they think of the levy plan.

Extending a school levy means the district's taxes wouldn't go up. Not extending the levy would result in a decrease in school taxes.

This is a vital decision for the district that deserves your interest and feedback.