Jackson showing interest in fighting litter problems

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

If Cape Girardeau, as its mayor has stated, has indeed declared war on litter in Cape Girardeau, the city now has western allies.

Jackson Mayor Paul Sander appointed nine people to attend Cape Girardeau's litter council, which held its first meeting last week drawing 26 people, including officials from the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Sander appointed parks director Shane West Anderson, police abatement officer Jim Barker, city engineer Dan Triller and the new chamber director, who has not yet been hired, to serve on the committee as non-elected officials.

Sander, Kerry Hoffman, Val Tuschhoff and Dale Rauh volunteered to serve on the committee from the board of aldermen with Barb Lohr and Larry Cunningham serving as alternates.

The next litter council meeting will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at 100 Broadway.

The regional litter problem has taken the spotlight lately as several residents have voiced complaints, prompting the Southeast Missourian to run several stories and editorials.

A volunteer army of 55 people made an assault on litter in the downtown area of Cape Girardeau Saturday. Old Town Cape sponsored a competitive effort among various civic groups with the central goal of cleaning city streets.

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