Speak Out 12/6/09

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Special treatment

I'D like to know why it's OK for Chris Rock to say we shouldn't delve into what happened with Tiger Woods, but it's OK with every other celebrity. Woods is no different from anybody else. He makes millions of dollars and he exposes himself to public scrutiny in endorsements. To treat him with kid gloves seems wrong to me.


IF you want to see nicely groomed and well-dressed bank employees, go to the Bank of Advance. You will be amazed.

No more taxes

PEOPLE who want taxes raised ought to have to pay them. People on fixed incomes shouldn't have to pay more taxes. People like me who don't make hardly anything at all shouldn't have to pay taxes at all. You ought to try living on $750 a month. Shame on you for trying to increase my taxes.

Fun to watch

A turkey got a presidential pardon, so I think the Salahis, who invited themselves to the White House party, deserve a pardon. It's Christmas, the season of forgiving. I enjoy reality shows, so I hope the Salahis get a chance to make a living on TV. I enjoy these things that take our minds off our troubles. Consider the balloon boy. You can't tell me the National Guard didn't enjoy going on a wild goose hunt. It broke the monotony.

Credit protected

IN this shopping season we are hurried and stressed out, I made a purchase at Staples in Cape Girardeau on Nov. 27 and inadvertently either left my credit card there or lost it. Staples made sure no other charges were put on my credit card. I want to thank Staples for being conscientious in this busy season.

Broadway eyesores

NOTHING is being done about the eyesores on Broadway. I remember when the city had a building inspector who would decide if a building should be condemned and razed. He would notify the property owner and give the owner so many days to take care of the problem. If the deadline wasn't met, the city would fine the property owner. So much for the olden days.

School memories

IT is sad to see Washington School disappear day by day. All of us who attended the school have good memories. When I was in the first grade, Myrtle Schrader, school nurse for all the Cape Girardeau schools, came to our classroom and vaccinated us. Some of the boys cried. In the 1930s and 1940s Alice P. Curral and R.L. Sheets were the principals. Washington School had some great teachers. One of my favorites was Luther Hahs. I made a lot of friends while attending Washington School, and some are still around. I hope when the Washington School sign comes down it is put in a museum.

Pay issues

CAPE Girardeau County officials need to understand the difference between a "raise" and a "cost-of-living adjustment." A raise is given for merit or time in position and recognizes experienced workers for being better in their jobs than a new hire. Raises allow employees with five years of service to make more than someone just hired in an identical job. They should be given as appropriate whenever it can be financially managed by the employer. A cost-of-living adjustment is just that and should be based on an index. This year, maybe no COLA should be given, as with Social Security. A COLA applies to the entire pay scale, including existing employees but also the starting salary for future employees. I work for state government, and the state has forgotten the difference between the two. Employees with years of experience make the same amount as a new employee. That is wrong. Even as a conservative taxpayer, I don't want to see my county employees hurt the same way. I applaud anyone who recognizes the importance of employee pay, even in the hard times.

One or the other

WHICH is it? One says we're leaderless, apparently living in a state of anarchy. Another says President Obama is a totalitarian dictator.

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