Letter to the Editor

McCaskill fails at quid pro quo

Friday, December 4, 2009

The recent health care vote in the U.S. Senate was as disgusting as it was shameless. In the process, Missouri got hosed by the vote of Sen. Claire McCaskill, but we didn't even get kissed.

Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, no stranger to the ways of business conducted in that state, showed her true colors when she sold her vote for a mere $300 million. In the process, she proved what kind of woman she was, and all that was left to negotiate was the price.

Enter Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, who hails from the only state that has elevated prostitution to the status of total legality.

When Harry met Mary, it was love at first sight. "Aye," said Mary, as the money was slipped under her garter belt.

So how does that affect McCaskill's shameless disregard for the citizens of Missouri? McCaskill is not a riverboat gambler, nor is she linked in any way to the brothels of Nevada. To the contrary. When it came time for the health care vote in the Senate, McCaskill just gave her vote away. She got Harry's affection, and Missouri got nothing. Shameless.

Give us, the money, Senator McCaskill. We can worry about our principles later, just like that senator from Louisiana did. We Missourians didn't even get kissed. But at least McCaskill and her husband got invited to a state dinner at the White House. Big deal. Anybody could have crashed that party.

R. SCOTT MATTHEWS Jr., Sikeston, Mo.