Letter to the Editor

Concerns about Jackson bond issue

Saturday, March 26, 2005

To the editor:

I have some concerns and questions about the Jackson School District bond issue.

The district recently built a math and science building that was going to be all we needed for the foreseeable future. Now the school board says we need much more with only a slight increase in students now and in the near future.

The plan calls for eliminating kindergarten at the Annex and moving those 150 students to Orchard and South elementary schools. This would create extremely large classes when they really need small classes.

A Building is a solid building and only needs rewiring and paint.

Why does the entire band need to have class in one hour? Divide the class and have practice after school like other extracurricular activities.

Why do we need 70-plus football players when only a third play varsity and a third play junior varsity. Other sports have cuts. So should football. Or open up other sports to anyone who wants to practice.

Safety is a concern with parking, with virtually all in one lot. Any kind of accident would close the only exit.

There is approximately $7.5 million in a capital fund. What is this being saved for? East Main Elementary School? Swimming pool?

As we look at Jackson schools we continue to excel in testing and competitions. There are no declines. Is this bond issue really needed, or is this a competition to keep up with others with cosmetics?