County commission minutes

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cape Girardeau County Commission minutes from Thursday:

* Authorized the information technology office to establish a price for a request from Hendricks & Partners for all parcel ID numbers for apartments and multifamily properties, including owner information and sales history, in Cape Girardeau County.

* Authorized sprinkler inspection contract for $150 per inspection with Wester Kentucky Sprinkler.

* Received copy machine report from treasurer's office.

* Approved a transmission repair on a juvenile department car, estimated between $750 and $1,050.

* Approved request by juvenile department to transfer tapes from VCR to DVD and approved request to purchase a DVD player for $299 from Best Buy.

* Letter issued to all elected officials, department heads and supervisors requesting they turn in all Wal-Mart credit cards and all Wal-Mart tax-exempt ID cards to the auditor's office.

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