Hooked on Science: Creating a crystal Christmas tree

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Using a few items from around the house you can create a crystal Christmas tree.


* Water

* Uniodized salt

* Mrs. Stewart's Bluing

* Ammonia

* Saucer

* Sponge


STEP 1: Create a crystal solution by mixing the six tablespoons of salt, six tablespoons of water, six tablespoons of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing and six tablespoons of ammonia.

STEP 2: Cut the sponge into the shape of a Christmas tree.

STEP 3: Place the Christmas tree sponge into the center of the saucer.

STEP 4: Pour the crystal solution over the Christmas tree sponge.


Mrs. Stewart's Bluing is a suspension of small particles of blue powder. As the liquid evaporates, crystals form around the blue powder. The ammonia is added to speed up the evaporation process.

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