Project seeking final benefactor for floodwall mural

Saturday, March 26, 2005

All but one of the 24 panels on the floodwall mural have found sponsors, and now the River Heritage Mural Association is looking for that final benefactor before a dedication can occur.

The murals have all been completed, but panel two featuring the mound builders from the year 1200 still hasn't found a $5,000 sponsor. Mural association president Tim Blattner said a tentative late June date is set for the dedication, but first someone must make the tax-deductible donation to help complete the financing for the project.

"There is a measure of urgency here," said Blattner. "We're looking to wrap up printing of our brochures soon so they can be complete before the dedication."

Not only is the association looking for a sponsor for the mural panel, but two $2,500 vignette spots are also up for grabs. The first depicts Hernando DeSoto in 1541 and the second combines St. Vincent's Seminary and Mark Twain. These donations are also tax deductible.

All sponsors will have their names engraved on the reader panels that will go up on a rail along the floodwall and be included in the brochure Blattner spoke of, along with being honored at a special recognition dinner and the dedication ceremony.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a mural or vignette can call Blattner at 334-3288.

335-6611, extension 182

List of sponsors:

Title panel: John and Jerrianne Wyman

Early landscapes: John and Jerrianne Wyman

Native Americans: No sponsor

Marquette and Joliet: James Riley

Girardot Post: Gene Rhodes

Louis Lorimier: Phill Brinson

Lewis and Clark: W.J. Chamberlain family

Louisiana Purchase: Harry and Fran Rediger

Missouri Statehood: Norma and Nancy Blattner for J. Tim Blattner

Trail of Tears: Joe and Janet James

Civil War History: Anonymous

Education on the river: Wanda Drury

River Commerce: Jack and Jill Rickard

The Iron Horse Arrives: William A. Zickfield Family

President Taft: Edward F. Regenhardt Family

Riverview Hotel Fire: Joel and Danette Neikirk

Cape Girardeau's Lifeline: Southeast Missourian

Steamboat Cape Girardeau: Shivelbine Family

Frozen Mississippi River: Doris Hendricks

Bridge Construction: Jim and Teresa Maurer

Industry and Agriculture: C.W. "Woody" Rushing Family

Mississippi River Floodwall: Missouri Dry Dock

Festival on the River: The Show Me Center

Bill Emerson Bridge: Rep. Jo Ann Emerson and Family

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