Speak Out 3/25/05

Friday, March 25, 2005

Money matters

I AM wondering about our taxpayers' dollars being wasted on something so trivial as the use of steroids in Major League Baseball. Did the players use steroids? Probably, but does it really matter? Who is it going to hurt in the long run? The players themselves. Lets talk about some real waste of taxpayers' dollars. Federal and state legislators spend thousands of dollars on yearly raises they think they deserve. I want to see some results for my money. They should either do what they promised at election time or get out and get a real job. I really think government on all levels needs to learn how to live within a set budget, not expand the budget as it needs.

Flawed agreements

SOUTHEAST MISSOURI State University president Ken Dobbins' objections to the inequity of the agreement governing the operation of the regional learning centers strikes me as crocodile tears. As executive vice president and then as president he was the primary architect of those agreements and has known for years that the terms favored Three Rivers Community College. Dobbins should be held accountable for designing and encouraging the board to accept seriously flawed agreements that he now acknowledges hurt the image and financial health of SEMO. His mismanagement has destroyed relationships with community college partners that will take years to rebuild. What a shame.

No playing in street

SOMEONE ONCE said a pet is like a family member. I agree, but I don't let my family members play in the street. If you love you pet, put up a fence.

Sleeping in class

MOST KIDS fall asleep in class because they stay up too late and don't get enough sleep.

Human litter

EVERYONE WANTS to complain about the litter and trash along the highways. What about the bums sitting at the ends of off ramps? They make Cape Girardeau and Jackson look really bad. I know if I were looking to move here and saw them begging, I would seriously reconsider living here. Why haven't the police done something about the loitering and littering the bums are doing?

Why the rush?

I AM urging everyone to take the time to contact Gov. Matt Blunt and their state senators to suggest that instead of rushing the Medicaid bill (Senate bill 539) through, they should take the time they normally would to study and refine the bill. There are many more solutions to this problem than lowering eligibility below poverty level. Incidentally, one part of the bill concerning home health-care reductions, is to cut services but to raise home health-care wages. What's the big rush?

Follow the money

PLEASE CONTACT your state legislators. Someone needs to investigate the misuse of Southeast Missouri State University's funds. Instead of giving employees a decent raise, the university is blowing funds on fountains and legal battles with Three Rivers Community College.

Best wishes

IT BREAKS my heart to see Bella Italia gutted by fire. It is such an incredible restaurant. I wish the owners the best in rebuilding.

Plenty for family

I AM a parent with children at Alma Schrader Elementary School. I can honestly say that there are a lot of family-involved activities held throughout the year. The school year starts with an open house. There was a wonderful reading night this past winter. The music concerts are outstanding, with every seat filled with families. Parent's day and grandparent's day also involves families. And, of course, there is nothing like play day. Families pack the school to support the children and set a wonderful example to the students that family and school are important.

Board requirement

I THINK there should be a requirement that to be a school board member you must have a child in the school district or had a child who graduated from the district. It's not fair for important decisions to be made by people who no longer have a vested interest in the district. As a parent, how can I vote for someone to make decisions concerning my children's education knowing that these decisions will not affect their child's life? In the past year the Cape Girardeau School Board has made some poor choices. The advice of the voting public and concerns of the teachers were not applied. If a board member is good enough to serve the district, then the district should be good enough for the education of their children.

A private time

I HAVE been quietly listening to the ongoing drama surrounding what could be Terri Schiavo's last few days. Four years ago, my sister and I made the momentous decision to take our beloved sister off life support. In the privacy of that hospital room, with our parents on the phone from across the country, we decided to follow through with her wishes. She had always made it very clear that she was never to be on life support. She too was in a persistent vegetative state. I keep wondering what it would have been like to have battled with the emotion and sense of heavy responsibility of that time while also contending with a media feeding frenzy, let alone the inclusion of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. Let the poor woman alone. Let her husband, who knew her wishes as mine does my own, take the actions he has been asked by his wife to take. Let this be between a husband and wife. Let this be a private and personal time for this couple.

Appalling behavior

AS A student of Three Rivers Community College and Southeast Missouri State University, I have been absolutely appalled by SEMO's behavior. SEMO in no way was considering the students when it waged war on TRCC. I know the public doesn't know all of the details in this situation, but this makes SEMO president Ken Dobbins look petty. When two men with doctorates act like schoolchildren instead of the highly educated men they are, it doesn't leave much room for confidence in their abilities. If my child acted the way the two school presidents are acting, I'd make her sit in the corner.

Camp concerns

I HAVE read the comments about the Camp TeAta. My Girl Scout troop has camped there every year for many years, I have never seen a broken window go for a year without repair, nor have we ever spent hours cleaning up. Each time the camp is used, an evaluation of the camp is filled out. This allows the council and its property committee to know about needs. The committee also meets at the camps to evaluate any needs. What this means is the council and the property committee have failed to acknowledge the concerns and needs of this camp. Problems don't occur overnight. It sounds like they have no one to blame but themselves.

Library suggestions

WHEN WILL library patrons be able to check online to see what's on their library cards? I would like to know what I have put on hold. When the library leaves a message that a book is ready, it would be helpful if it would give the name of the book. If it has been a couple of weeks or more, I don't always remember what title I've requested.

Dire consequences

PERHAPS THE author of "First, kill the cats" would like to see a rise in the population of rats, mice, voles and other disease-carrying rodents along with a rise in the bird population.

It's not funny

WHOEVER KEEPS setting off the fire alarm in Towers North needs to cut it out. I'm tired of being awakened in the middle of the night to a loud buzzer just because somebody thought it would be funny to pull the alarm.

Relate to issues

THIS IS in reference to the article about school board members with no children in school. I believe the board should consist of members who have children in the school. It is very important for the board to be able to relate to the issues of the schools. I do not believe this can be done efficiently if the board members do not have children in school. Being a school board member is a great privilege and should not be taken lightly.

Thanks for help

I WANT to thank the man who helped me late Monday night change a flat tire on I-55. I tried to pay him, and he just said I would have done the same thing for him. It's true. I would have. Thank you, kind man.

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