Letter to the Editor

GOP has good chance in 2010

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm not alone in wondering how the electorate will respond in the 2010 elections. The 2006 congressional elections proved Democrats were no more prepared to lead than those they replaced, as they've failed to neither control the checkbook nor make substantial policy shifts matching their campaign rhetoric. The much-hyped yet poorly executed "hope and change" of 2008 seems to have lost its appeal to the Democratic base and many centrists.

Gitmo remains open, the Iraq War continues and strategic policy decisions on Afghanistan appear to be prioritized somewhere between bowing to foreign government officials and hosting Wednesday-night White House parties. Not surprisingly, the current entitlement-crazed administration also set a record for first-term presidential spending.

The liberal base must be fuming mad over continued government-endorsed outsourcing of interrogation through rendition, and by the Pelosi/Reid version of domestic spying. Centrists should be angered that the government decided which privately owned business survived through a seemingly endless IV of taxpayer money. I'm sure they're angered by various tax cheats who've been nominated time and again for government financial regulatory posts.

This fall's election results and exit polling showed a significant change in the country's mood. Gallup polling reports the GOP should feel excellent about their 2010 chances as support has shifted dramatically in their favor, especially among independents. As I've said before, the president's policies and those whacky congressional liberals have provided much needed CPR to the GOP and hopefully some viable third-party candidates.