Letter to the Editor

Start over on Bloomfield Road

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We live on Bloomfield Road and agree with many of our neighbors that we should not disturb the beauty of this county road. The road is hazardous because people drive excessive speeds knowing they have little chance of a speeding ticket. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild this road, why can't we install stop signs and even speed cameras to control traffic flow? I realize this solution is not as glamorous as some want, but it accomplishes the same thing for much less money. In these economic times I can't understand why we are so quick to spend money we really don't have. The last thing we need is another Lexington Avenue project. Widening Bloomfield Road would make this "improvement" even more dangerous as speeds will continue to increase and still without the resources to patrol this county road.

Apparently some of the more informed people in this area have had the privilege of reviewing the city plans for this county road project (I still don't understand why the city is involved in this project at all). I'm disappointed an apparent plan is already in place without involving many of the people most affected by the project. We need to stop this process and start over in a more open and professional manner.

PAT GODWIN, Cape Girardeau