Senath-Hornersville sets goals to achieve a balanced budget for current school year

Monday, November 30, 2009

SENATH, Mo. -- In a recent report to the Senath-Hornersville Board of Education, Superintendent Larry Wood informed the members that the district is looking to end the current school year with a balanced budget.

"If nothing changes, we will have a balanced budget for this year," Wood said.

According to the administrator, the final numbers from 2009 Dunklin County Clerk's office projected an assessed valuation of $43,974,972 an increase of $2,127,672 from last year. He estimated the district will receive an county tax of $1,468,746.

"The estimated state formula payment this year is $3,179,262, a decrease of about $50,605 from last year," Wood said.

Wood said the state formula payment is down due to an decrease in the number of students enrolled.

Wood said the budget reflects additional salary increases for certified employees and no increase for non-certified employees. Health and life insurance have been calculated at the proposed amount of $354.95 per employee per month, Wood said.

"It will be imperative that we follow the guidelines of the district budget-spending plan for the 2009-2010 school term," Wood said. "As noted in the proposed budget, the district's fund balance will not include a growth in fund balances because of the added expenditures. Estimated Revenue will be $7,796,398 and estimated expenditures will be $7,796,398."

Wood said that over the eight years he has been employed with Senath-Hornersville, the general fund has increased $829,000, and the teacher's fund has increased $1,161,000. He said the capital projects fund has stayed about the same, however the food service fund has increased $89,000.

Wood added that the total revenue for the district has increased $2 million in the last eight years.

"We're going to have to work at not increasing [expenditures] any more than we can over the next year or two," Wood said. "We are operating now on a balanced budget and are watching very closely what we spend and what we buy."

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