Speak Out 3/24/05

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Better marketing

REGARDING THE trash problem: Someone is missing a golden opportunity to capitalize on this problem. An enterprising person or group could make and sell designer trash bags for the car to alleviate the blight of litter along the highway. Advertise the bags as a solution to the trash problem. Come on, you marketing experts. Treat this as if it were a big event you want everyone to attend.

Downtown's tilt

JUST HOW many beer joints and nightclubs are there in downtown Cape Girardeau? Is this your idea of how you're going to revive the old downtown Cape area? Who would invest in such a trashy area? Wake up, downtown. Clean up your act or stop dreaming about paradise.

Take charge

I AM tired of reading how bad trash along the roads is. As a parent driving a vehicle, you can stop it. It's your responsibility. When you feel the window go down and see the trash fly, pull over at a safe place, get out of your car and say, "We don't throw trash out the window." Wait until it's clear and tell the litterbug to pick the trash up. If you're lucky, the litterbug's friends will see him picking this up. I can tell you the litterbug will never throw trash out a window again.

Scott County drugs

I HOPE the Scott County sheriff, Rick Walters, will continue to seek out the drug issues in Scott County. It is a problem that's needed to be addressed for a long time.

It would be an asset

I THINK it would be wonderful if Cape Girardeau got a community college. It definitely would be an asset to the Cape Girardeau area.

Mama's failure

I THINK people are rude to throw trash out in front of people's houses. Didn't their mamas teach them any kind of respect? Their mamas should have taught them better, or they all are just plain ignorant.

It's a reward

THE EXTRA parties and recesses that the students get at Central Middle School are earned through academic achievement and good behavior.

Bigger issues

WE'VE GOT more important things for Congress to do than to listen to the players talk about baseball steroids or the removal of a feeding tube. We've got a welfare state Congress needs to do something about.

Making money

WHAT A joke. The AARP is just another corporation making money, another lobbyist group which milks dues from its members. I'm amazed at how some folks are so loyal to a membership card. It's almost unbelievable so many would fall for this scam.

Do something

OVER THE past few days there have been many people expressing the opinion that there is definitely a litter problem in Cape Girardeau as well as the surrounding areas. In my opinion, the solution to this problem is for all the people complaining to do something about the issue instead of voicing disdain and leaving it to others to get the actual job done.

Tough on predators

MY HEART is saddened. All of society has to stop these horrific sexual crimes against our children. Once registered as sexual predators, they are exactly that. We cannot trust them in society or around our children. They will be the first ones to tell you that they don't know when they'll lose control again. Better them behind bars than how many of our innocent children's lives ruined.

Trash slogan

RECENTLY, LITTER has been the topic of choice in Speak Out. Here is an idea for a regional slogan for the anti-litter campaign: "Trash is as trash does ... Welcome to Southeast Missouri."

Not enough time

AS AN active member of one of these organizations that picks up highway litter, I can attest that we clean our section of U.S. 61 North at least twice a year. Unfortunately, there are not hours in the day to provide constant service. These groups volunteer their free time to help the state with its severe litter problem. After cleaning a stretch of highway, it's not uncommon to drive back along that area and see newly thrown trash.

Making a change

WHAT A first impression. When we moved to this scenic state, I noticed two things that were different from surrounding states. Missouri roads, interstates to gravel roads, were littered with trash and lots of it. I also never observed any state in all my travels that had so many dead dogs on roadsides. Neither of these topics are anything to be proud of. I have witnessed owners of expensive vehicles and junkers toss trash or let their dogs be loose in the back of their truck. How do you get the blind to see? Heavy fines? Make them clean up the roads in orange suits? Put their names in the newspaper?

It's disrespectful

FALLING ASLEEP in class is disrespectful to the teacher, who is working hard to help these kids learn. If every teacher let his or her students sleep in class, the students would think it's OK to sleep while their teacher or professor is talking. I have a professor who said that if he caught us sleeping in class he would throw us out. It should be that way in high school also. It's a form of disrespect.

Just average

BEING AVERAGE is wonderful. For the most part, you make it without assistance from anyone. You only buy what you really need. You have learned that buying the best doesn't mean the most expensive. It also means that sometimes you struggle for a few days but you know you will make it. You help those friends of yours in the same boat, and they help you. But you also know that you miss out on lots of advantages. Your medical care isn't paid for unless you have insurance, and that isn't always the best. When you are sick, you stick it out rather then running to the emergency room. Your kids go to college, but it has to be creatively paid for by working their way through. The average don't take advantage of loopholes. Instead, they get stuck paying for all those loopholes. Proverbs 30:8-9: Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the Lord? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain.

Switch jobs

I THINK the presidents of Southeast Missouri State University and Three Rivers Community College should switch jobs. The Three Rivers president appears to have an education vision beyond the construction of new buildings, and the SEMO president's bookkeeping background should help Three Rivers balance its checkbook.

Good job on litter

I WANT to thank the young people Saturday on I-55 at the Fruitland exit who were picking up litter. Their generation may just be the one to put a stop to the disrespect of our environment. Everyone's complaining, but they're the only ones doing anything. When they're working, I would like to see the highway department put up signs to slow traffic down for these kids. Again, thanks. And good job.

Take it down

TO THE person who tied the red, white and blue balloons on the stop sign in Burfordville when our local troops came home: Take them down. They're lifeless, depressing pieces of rubber hanging on the sign. You don't love this country enough to clean it up?

Seasonal jobs

AH, SPRING is in the air. It is sunny and warm. There is a gentle breeze. Flowers are back. Birds are back. And the homeless beggars are back. I hope they had a nice vacation at their winter beach homes at your expense. Next time you see one of the "Will work for food" or "Just passing through, please help" people sitting at the stoplight at the end of the off ramp, tell them to get a job like you have to: go to work five days or more a week, pay taxes and buy their food.

Blunt information

I'VE SAID for a decade or more that we should institute a program where someone speaks at high schools to inform students that our taxpayers will no longer support children born to unwed mothers beginning one year in the future. Tell them about the cost of the doctor and hospital bills for the birth and the average costs of raising a child. And remind them that they will have to pay all the bills related to having and rearing that child, doing without all the things that young people want. We've been trained to think "Save the children" every time our government wants new programs or tax increases.

Turnaround coming

IF THE Medicaid cuts are passed, we are going to see an exodus of voters leaning back toward the Democratic side, since even many Republicans are low-income or at the poverty level. Obviously many Democrats voted for Republicans this past election, believing in the candidates' apparent compassion, realism and promises for a better country and better life. Take the millions who have no health alternatives except Medicaid. Add their friends, relatives and neighbors, and you are going to see a turnaround in future elections. Few things are more important than life and health. We could live without many of the things for which our governments use our tax dollars. We cannot live without health care.

Going somewhere

THANKS FOR the article on Fusion Blue. I had the pleasure of seeing the group play at Cicero's in St. Louis and was truly blown away. FB is really headed somewhere and one of the best things to come out of Cape Girardeau. I am so glad you featured them.

Litter suggestion

THANKS GO out to Cape Girardeau's recycle pickup group. It does a great job. I do have a suggestion regarding the litter issue. I was behind one of the city recycle trucks for four blocks last week. Three pieces of magazine inserts and two newspaper ads blew out of the truck. Can the recycle truck close the paper section of the truck on longer hauls or put some heavy plastic over the opening to keep paper in? This would help the litter problem a little.

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