Speak Out 11/29/09

Sunday, November 29, 2009

*** Chaffee teens

IT is so nice that we have three groups of teenagers in Chaffee that are so great. The FLBA, the FCCLA and the Beta group of students again put on a huge Thanksgiving dinner. They fed a few hundred seniors without the slightest hitch, and they treated everyone absolutely great. They are a fantastic bunch who deserve a lot of praise.

*** Black eye

I read the letter about CAYSA, and I agree. But they dropped the ball on health and cleanup. The portable toilets were filthy. The trash was not dumped. Cape Girardeau walked away with a black eye.

*** Expired plates

TODAY, as I came back on Independence Street, I was behind a truck with license plates that expired in April 2009. Then there was another car with license plates that expired in July 2009. A little bit later I saw a truck with plates that expired in September. What's wrong? This should be checked out.

*** Move mailboxes

WHEN Route W is widened at Boutin Drive, will the mailboxes be moved to the other side of the highway? It would be safer for the people trying to cross the road in this high-traffic area. Almost all the businesses and residences are on the other side of that road anyway.

*** Policy changes

WITH all the changes that have been made regarding the policies for the breast exams and prostate screenings, I can see that in a short time the surgeon general's warning on a pack of cigarettes will be removed.

*** Providing food

I keep hearing about all these hungry people and how the food banks don't have enough food to feed them. Everybody gets hungry. That doesn't mean you're starving. Hunger is not an indication of being underfed. Food banks should be serving people who are in need of enough food to maintain good health.

*** Not racist

SOMETIME back at a store in Cape Girardeau, I purchased some items and left to go home. A security guard stopped me and asked to see my check-out slip. I showed him, and everything was fine. This was not a racist thing. It was a mistake.

*** Appreciating vets

THANK you to Trinity Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau for the wonderful veterans appreciation at Sunday services. The message, the music, the photographs and the images were especially moving. We thank all of our veterans for their service, and we thank the military men and women who are serving now.

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