Speak Out 3/22/05

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Grab a trash bag

INSTEAD OF complaining, get a trash bag and start taking care of the litter problem. As for the organizations who adopt highways, I'm sure no one can be out there daily. I have seen the Sigma Nu fraternity cleaning up their section of the highway on three occasions not too long ago.

Right and wrong

LITTERING RANKS right up there with all other crimes and misdemeanors. If we aren't caught doing it, then it isn't wrong. There are those who will continue to litter as long as there are no consequences to their behaviors. Parents must show their children by example and discipline how to behave and how not to behave in society as well as at home.

In-town policing

I'M GLAD I'm not a Scott City resident. I'd be paying taxes for the police department to protect me inside the city limits while the police are out on the interstate at night. If something happened in town, it would be over with before the police got in town to do anything. I can't understand them not wanting to protect their people in town. I think they ought to have stay in there to protect people who live in town.

When close counts

A Speak Out caller said he admired Dan Rather for getting close to the truth. Close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes.

Lots of beer containers

TRYING TO do my part in keeping our city litter free, I noticed most of the debris I picked up on our street was beer cans or beer bottles. Why is this? Are people throwing them away so they don't get caught? Are they underage drinkers? Or people who just don't care? Come on, Cape Girardeau. Don't be a litterbug, because every litter bit hurts.

Let them eat

PEOPLE ENJOY eating, and I don't see what good it does the government to force these studies in people's faces. Some of these studies could be cut. Certainly Social Security could use the money. If some people die early from obesity, that helps Social Security. Why bother us with all these studies when people are going to eat what they want?

Jackson trash

JACKSON'S PRETTY trashy too. Drive out Highway D past Cambridge. Pull some of those jailbirds out and put them to work down D Highway.

Let prisoners work

I THINK cities and the county need to get prisoners out there to clean up the trash along the highways. They don't need to have an armed guard out there with them. In Jefferson City, prisoners clean up the highways, and there's no armed guard watching them. They're all trusties. They know if they run, they go back to jail and stay longer.

Tough on riffraff

HOORAY FOR those who have come forward to clean up our city and area. These folks who think the laws are only for others should be reported. These pigs who throw trash from their vehicles should pay a fine and pick up the area for a week or two Those who let their property look like a city dump should clean up or pay up. We have residences all over the city that are a disgrace. Sometimes you have to do more than plead with this riffraff. You have to get serious with serious measures. City council, let's get to work.

Regulate medications

WHEN DOCTORS change a patient's medication, they need to make a note for the pharmacy. I have an aunt who was taking 12 kinds of blood-pressure medicine. This aunt also had enough of one kind of medicine to last more than a year. This means she was not limited to a 30-, 60- or 90-day supply. Shouldn't it be the responsibility of doctors and pharmacists to catch these kinds of things? Is it any wonder why the cost of health insurance and prescriptions is so high in this country?

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