Letter to the Editor

Coach sets example during anthem

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To the editor:

When we first started school, we would stand tall with our hand on our heart saying the Pledge of Allegiance. When I sailed overseas in the Navy and the national anthem was played, my chest felt like it would burst. Our hearts swell with pride every time we see the flag waving in the wind.

At basketball games at high schools and the Show Me Center, we see adults standing during the national anthem with their hats on. Many don't even raise their hands to their hearts. Many of the students and cheerleaders can't stand still, and few put their hands to their hearts. Some coaches, principals and superintendents didn't either. No wonder our country is in the shape it is today. Our schools are failing to teach these children how to promise their loyalty to our flag.

One school, however, really stands out. We watched the 26-year-old coach, his team and the cheerleaders. Every one of them stood straight in line, and they all placed their hands over their hearts. We congratulated the coach after one of the games, and he said, "When I started coaching, I told my students this is what we do, and I'll be at the head of the line to set the example, for our freedom is very dear."

Bell City School District should feel really proud to have a coach such as David Heeb. We want to say thank you. We wish there were more like Coach Heeb.

HAROLD and PEARL REED, Leopold, Mo.