Letter to the Editor

Former student, teacher backs bond

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To the editor:

As a student in the 1948 graduating class and a teacher of vocational agriculture from 1965 to 1967, I knew the conditions of Jackson High School well. I took the opportunity to tour the high school again in 2004 when it was open to the public. The difference was unbelievable. As a visitor, I felt I was about to be trampled by the number of students in the hall. I never realized there were that many more students now than when I last attended JHS. I continued the tour and could not believe the changes in the physical condition of the old school building now and when I attended.

I am retired, and all my children as well as most of my grandchildren no longer attend the high school. I do not like to pay taxes, but this is our school, and we need to support it. Right now I would not like to be on the school board with all the responsibility of meeting the needs of this rapidly growing district.

I am asking the people of the Jackson School District to vote yes for the bond issue in April.

WELDON MACKE, Cape Girardeau