Out of the past 3/21/05

Monday, March 21, 2005

25 years ago: March 21, 1980

Indications are strong that former Missouri governor Warren E. Hearnes will be appointed to replace Circuit Judge Lloyd G. Briggs, who was ordered removed from office by the state Supreme Court yesterday.

According to a study by the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission, deteriorated and dilapidated structures account for 43.6 percent of all buildings in the vicinity of Cape Girardeau's Main Street business district.

50 years ago: March 21, 1955

A collection of old shoes dating back to before the Civil War is on display at Priest's shoe store in Jackson; the collection is owned by Homer Hartle; there are handmade shoes, button and high lace, in men's, women's and children's styles.

A complete re-registration of all voters in Cape Girardeau is ordered by the city council in an ordinance setting out the boundaries of a new, 12-ward division of the city; registration will be conducted from April 19 to 22, inclusive.

75 years ago: March 21, 1930

Henry J. Brinkopf, one of Tuesday's four successful city council candidates, announces his withdrawal from the race for city commissioner; there is some question of whether he was eligible for election because he served as a registrar for the general election two years ago.

A rural school, commonly known as the Brick School, northwest of Cape Girardeau on Perryville Road, was closed temporarily yesterday because of the spread of severe colds among the children in the community.

100 years ago: March 21, 1905

F.W. Morrison has a large gang of men installing another big ice-making machine in his ice factory; heretofore, he has been able to make 22 tons of ice a day, but soon he will be able to turn out 45 tons.

No trace has yet been found of the two prisoners -- one an accused murderer and the other an alleged arsonist -- who successfully broke out of the jail in Benton, Mo., early Friday morning; rewards of $50 and $25, respectively, have been offered for the escapees.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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