Thanksgiving scavenger hunt

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving activities

Scavenger hunt

Give your young visitors a list and send them on this Thanksgiving scavenger hunt to find:

* A family playing football

* Thanksgiving yard decorations

* Five or more cars parked outside a house

* An out of state license plate

* A raked pile of leaves

* Something with a pilgrim on it

* A pumpkin or squash

* Smoke rising from a chimney

* A family on a walk

* An acorn or pine cone

* Early Christmas decorations

* Pumpkin pie recipe

* Indian corn

* A cornucopia


Download activities and coloring sheets at these websites:










Other activities

With paper and crayons and cars: draw roads and cities then drive the cars on them

With beads, embroidery floss, ribbon, safety pins: keep older children busy making friendship pins and bracelets.

Make tents: the dining room table can serve its purpose for the meal and then become space for hiding and all types of dramatic and imaginative play -- adding flashlights increases the fun

Let your child turn your kitchen into a grocery store complete with money and shopping bags

Fall back on games from when you were younger -- Mother May I, I Spy, etc.

Go through your junk drawer -- Bread ties can become building components, a deck of cards can be used to build with or create number games, children can create a lot with rubber bands,

Have your child write a story and then cut out magazines for the illustrations

Create a play with props and put it on for family members

Allow your child to document their break with photos and create a scrapbook

Use left over plastic cups to stack and build; left over paper plates can be used to draw on or glue fall leaves, gumballs, twigs, etc.

Have your toddler use all of their favorite "household instruments" to start a band. (Banging pots and pans, toilet paper rolls filled with rice, etc.)

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