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Speak Out 11/22/09

Sunday, November 22, 2009

*** Rendering justice

ALL those who oppose trying Sept. 11 terrorists in the U.S. are chickens and have no faith in our judicial system to render justice.

*** Mark the lanes

WHY is the city so concerned about a water park and everything else when we've got streets that need to be repaired? Can the city afford some spray paint to mark the lanes correctly on Independence Street and Kingshighway? This is causing mass confusion for drivers. Spray paint would solve a lot of problems at that intersection. Maybe the city will take care of this problem for us.

*** Collecting rent

THIS is in regard to the city council hiring a firm to collect delinquent utility bills. Is the same firm going to collect the delinquent rent from the building down at the airport? That's a $500,000 loss, and no one seems to care about collecting that.

*** Public smoking

SMOKING should be banned in all public places. People have the right to smoke when they are by themselves. I have a right when I'm in a public place not to have to breathe secondhand smoke. I think it's terrible for smokers to feel they have a right to poison the air that I'm breathing when I'm in a public facility. Banning smoking would not hurt businesses. Look at Southern Illinois. Illinois banned smoking in public places, and everybody is still getting along just fine.

*** Young beggars

I'M tired of all of our schoolchildren and Scouts being used as beggars to feed the hungry. It's ridiculous when you keep robbing from people and still robbing a little more to feed the poor, which we will always have with us. I think we have our priorities screwed up. I resent that we're making beggars out of our young people.

*** Road permits

I would like to see Cape Girardeau County issue permits like Bollinger and Perry counties to allow the use of UTVs and ATVs on county roads. This could add money to our county revenue.

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*** Public smoking

Yes but, who will enforce it? There is a county in Southern Ill where a sheriff will not enforce the no smoking ban because he believes it is unconstitutional. True you have the right to breathe clean air, but you must also stop all the cars as well. The air today is filled with carcinogens from cars, factories, and people burning things like tires and plastics. So why stop only one if you will not stop them all. I believe, let them smoke. I am a nonsmoker and I have no problem with them.

*** Young beggars

Let's see, you just made yourself sound like a greedy rich man. Have a little compassion man. If you can pay $200 a months on bills, you can spare a little change to feed the hungry and the poor. If we were related and you said those things, I would disown you in a heartbeat because that is just selfish.

-- Posted by Prince_of_cats on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 3:44 AM

We're not making beggars out of children by asking them to collect food for the less fortunate; we're teaching them compassion for people who have less. If it's not a priority to help people, then it should be. Where is your spirit of giving, Mr. Scrooge?

-- Posted by sosassy on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 5:58 AM

Stop your smoking,,, it's ugly and unhealthy.

-- Posted by Dexterite1 on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 6:53 AM


Well then Mr./Mrs.Scrooge you will really blow a gasket over what we do.Instead of drawing names to buy a gift for Christmas,We put food items on those little pieces of paper and what ever you draw out of the hat that's what you buy to donate to an area food bank.If you draw a canned good item you buy a case of that. Depending on what you draw is how much you buy.For thanksgiving we all buy an extra turkey and donate it as well.We have even been known to scout out a family and leave some extra gifts at their front door for their children.So "PLEASE" get off your high horse and get into the true meaning of what giving is all about...

-- Posted by onlygoleft on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 6:57 AM

Non Smoking-Be careful for what you wish

A few years ago Ohio passed a non-smoking law which forbids smoking in all public places. At that time we were told the law would not apply to private clubs, mom and pop bars, bowling alleys, etc. As soon as the law passed, the State ruled that the law WOULD cover those areas so now we have businesses that have closed because of this law, other businesses that have spent tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make their business attractive to the non-smokers and smokers alike. There are, rather were, smoking clubs where you could go and enjoy a fine cigar and make new friends. Well, those places could not allow smoking! Go figure. As a non-smoker, I voted against the law and should it come back to a the voters again, I will still vote against it. Somehow, the law needs to exempt the small business and private clubs from their control. If the owner is losing money by allowin smoking then they should be the one to ban it, not the government.

-- Posted by Now a Buckeye on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 7:45 AM

the albino deer is back , with horns....


-- Posted by ..Rick on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 8:19 AM


What a wonderful way to show compassion. Hopefully others will take your ideas and run with them.

We have always been helping someone else during the holidays, be it friends, family or strangers. Unlike some, I believe it is our responsibility and not the governments.

Now a Buckeye,

That is exactly what has happened in Illinois, too. Even the VFW's have suffered while others have chosen civil disobedience. A private business should be able to determine what is best for them. If you don't like smoking, find a business that prohibits smoking and frequent it or ask your favorite to ban smoking. Give them the opportunity. Oh wait, that is commone sense and that seems to be so outdated.

-- Posted by LiveAnotherDay on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 9:20 AM

Good afternoon. ☻

Mark the lanes...yes, cuz' that eliminates anyone crossing into your lane. ☻

Young beggars...lol. Just say no. Good grief. Schools/organizations have been doing this for a long time.

Collecting rent...that was pretty good.

Well, I'm so glad this leaf burning situation has been cleared up. 60-some% of people voted 'yes'. We can burn leaves in the city. (SE Missourian poll; published in today's paper)

So....how's it smellin' in Jackson today? ☻

-- Posted by Turnip on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 2:39 PM

We have always been helping someone else during the holidays, be it friends, family or strangers. Unlike some, I believe it is our responsibility and not the governments.

Posted by LiveAnotherDay on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 9:20 AM

Unfortunately, our government has to step in and help because people like the speakout poster are not going to do it...It is back to the 'take care of me and mine' mentality....grrrrrr....

Thank you onlygoleft, you are truly on the correct path!

-- Posted by Theorist on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 4:08 PM

Turnip, I personally love the smell of burning leaves. I had to go into Cape this morning and when I got home and got out of my car, it was a smell that reminded me of home when I was a small child. It brought a smile to my face.

-- Posted by kellyma82 on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 4:17 PM


This will not post in your "HEY, DEFY" thread.

Only two lines show when I attempt to post this a reply to you in there, or, here......

Hi, lumpy,

Thank you for that excellent link. Unfortunately, my main computer went out some time ago, and I have been limping by on an old

-- Posted by Defy Tyranny on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 4:45 PM

Regarding beggars: How is teaching compassion for the less fortunate robbing? What exactly are the students they stealing from you? The younger that children learn compassion the better.

It sounds like person who posted the "beggar" piece is angry at being put upon.

-- Posted by redpen on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 6:06 PM

Burning leaves should not be allowed, either.

Trying enemies caught outside of the United States in our courts is stupid. I don't use that term loosely. If they get a fair trial, I could win this case.

The President and AG publicly announcing the verdict and punishment before the trial even begins is either an indication that they are not going to get a fair trial or just one of several reasons they must be acquited.

-- Posted by bobby62914 on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 6:14 PM


It was a bad mistake to do it. I can't figure out their reasoning.

-- Posted by Wiff on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 8:13 PM

Hitler murdered seven million Jews during the year's preceding and during WWII, the holocaust as it is known. The United States of America has sent 50 million children to death in abortions by women who didn't want their children; the Super Holocaust. Now the US government is preparing to pass legislation that will grant all women the right to an abortion at the government's expense. I am pro-life and I refuse to pay taxes that will pay for the murder of an unborn child. Christians, now is the time to awaken, Stand for what we believe. One person stopped prayer in school because Christians held their tongues, let us not allow another travesty of morality in the United States of America.

-- Posted by theskipper on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 8:38 PM


I am with you. We exterminate about 2 million unborn human beings every year in this country. That is roughly the population of Houston Texas that we murder each year with more than 95% done for birth control. What is also interesting: very few of these abortions are carried out with Blacks,Hispanics, or other minorities. Then, we wonder why the white population is fast becoming the minority. We are doing this to ourselves. We are soley to blame.

-- Posted by Balmy on Sun, Nov 22, 2009, at 10:19 PM

I am glad my mother was pro-life, otherwise I would not be here. Our nation has moved in a dangerous direction since I was a child. Our children can't pray in school, no reference is made to the bible in our schools. Bibles cannot be passed out in school but condoms can. The Ten Commandments are systematically being removed from government buildings across this country. This country was founded on religious freedom but where is the freedom. Those who wish can murder their unborn children, but those children have a right to live. Our nation is headed down a path of atheism and Christians need to fight for their rights. Silence is consent, I no longer consent.

-- Posted by theskipper on Mon, Nov 23, 2009, at 9:26 AM

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