Speak Out 11/22/09

Sunday, November 22, 2009

*** Rendering justice

ALL those who oppose trying Sept. 11 terrorists in the U.S. are chickens and have no faith in our judicial system to render justice.

*** Mark the lanes

WHY is the city so concerned about a water park and everything else when we've got streets that need to be repaired? Can the city afford some spray paint to mark the lanes correctly on Independence Street and Kingshighway? This is causing mass confusion for drivers. Spray paint would solve a lot of problems at that intersection. Maybe the city will take care of this problem for us.

*** Collecting rent

THIS is in regard to the city council hiring a firm to collect delinquent utility bills. Is the same firm going to collect the delinquent rent from the building down at the airport? That's a $500,000 loss, and no one seems to care about collecting that.

*** Public smoking

SMOKING should be banned in all public places. People have the right to smoke when they are by themselves. I have a right when I'm in a public place not to have to breathe secondhand smoke. I think it's terrible for smokers to feel they have a right to poison the air that I'm breathing when I'm in a public facility. Banning smoking would not hurt businesses. Look at Southern Illinois. Illinois banned smoking in public places, and everybody is still getting along just fine.

*** Young beggars

I'M tired of all of our schoolchildren and Scouts being used as beggars to feed the hungry. It's ridiculous when you keep robbing from people and still robbing a little more to feed the poor, which we will always have with us. I think we have our priorities screwed up. I resent that we're making beggars out of our young people.

*** Road permits

I would like to see Cape Girardeau County issue permits like Bollinger and Perry counties to allow the use of UTVs and ATVs on county roads. This could add money to our county revenue.

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